How Does Our Web Design Process Work?

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We treat web design and web development as separate services. The web design process is all about designing the pages you want your target market to see.

Information Analysis

1. Concept overview and discussion/ideation:

Our first meetings are all about your company, your vision and your brand. We listen and we learn about your objectives. We may offer a few suggestions for things to consider at this stage based on best practices and case studies of important precedents.

2. We ask a few simple questions such as:
  • What is the target audience of the website (or web application)?
  • Who are your major competitors, and which of their websites do you like or dislike?
  • How many major sections and pages will the website have?
  • What major functionality will the website have?
  • Will your company require PixelForce to carry out the web development component as well?
3. Requirements analysis:

We document the page structure of the website or web application and summarise your design briefings for each page.

4. Web Design Estimate:

Once we have all necessary information we provide an estimate for designing and documenting the website. At this point we also forward a first estimate for coding and development of the site as well. A design contract is offered to commence the project. Once the contract is signed the next phase begins.

Website Design Documentation (Specification)

The perfect website or web application is built from a well defined blueprint containing methodical documentation.

5. A specification document is created:

PixelForce will consult with your stakeholders to create the following documentation.

  • Site map
  • Basic annotated hand sketches of the site or application screen by screen. And once we agree on this…
  • Detailed wireframes of the entire site/application interface with real branding and artwork.
  • User Analysis
  • Interaction Analysis

This document serves as a roadmap for our developers to build your website or web application.

6. Development estimate:

Once the specification document has been finalised we provide costings for the final development and code implementation. If no major functionality changed during the specification phase then this estimate should be the same as the first estimate.


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