Google’s sweet treat, Android Oreo unveiled as 2017’s Operating System

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Version 8 of the new operating system follows the tradition for Google’s penchant for naming their OS after sweet treats: beginning in 2009 with Android 1.5 coded ‘Cupcake’, continuing the scheme to 2016, with their 7.0 upgrade ‘Nougat’ debuting.

The August 22 solar eclipse in New York deemed the apt time for Google to unveil their newest operating system for 2017, ‘Oreo’, part of a “pure co-branding partnership” with a focus on developing global initiatives that are designed to promote the newest operating system as well as create fun, innovative experiences for both the popular cookie’s manufacturer Mondelez and Google’s Android audience, explained spokeswoman Valerie Moens.

Android Oreo

So what can we look forward to in Android’s latest sweet treat? Mainly, a redesigned notification functionality, an overhaul of the aesthetic for Android’s settings and notification interface as well as small but formidable new features, said to create further ease of accessibility, cleanliness and reduce the impact of bloatware, which will contribute to an overall faster and easy to use operating system.
Our favourite highlights that Android Oreo brings to the mobile’s operating system include simpler and cleaner notifications with the introduction of tiny notification ‘dots’ (smaller and more inconspicuous than the badges of iOS) that appear when you have an alert from the app requesting your attention.

Additionally, the redesign of the settings interface where options have been categorized to provide a simpler menu structure and enhanced security features, such as Google Play Protect which scans apps and the operating system, in the background, for any security issues or discrepancies as well as hardened security measures. Google’s Android developers have also worked extensively on the backend to provide a faster boot-up speed and battery life improvements which limit what apps can do via background activity.

Although a public beta was made available to Android developers back in May, the final release of the new OS 8.0 Oreo will be made available to members on its Android Open Source Project today, with Google also confirming that if you are using one of their own mobile devices (Pixel, Nexus 5X and 6P) you will be among the first to be able to experience Oreo for yourself. For the rest of us, take up a seat and get comfortable because the rollout wait for the wider community of non-Google mobile device users could take the rest of the year, or up to several months.

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