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As mobile specialists, we’re super interested in how technologies could potentially disrupt and change our development processes for the better.

Since Apple's ARKit announcement on June 5th, PixelForce been closely following the developer scene to see how other indie developers are taking advantage of the new technology. We've found many promising videos showcasing the potential of ARKit and this is something we want to share with our clients and the wider community!

AR in Real Estate and Events

We see potential in AR being used for walkthrough and “live experience” type events. Being equipped with a phone, a person can walk through and experience being inside the house. We see the construction, amusement parks, and real estate industries having the most to benefit from “walkthrough” AR.

AR in Retail and Creative

Retail and creative agencies could benefit from using AR by projecting virtual objects into a space. Customers would see and visually experience your product being placed into their home. Forming that attachment between the customer and the product could see a sale being made before they even leave the house.

AR in Education

Museums could implement augmented structures into their exhibits by scanning a specific beacon. We would then render a miniature model of the exhibit and enable zooming capabilities of so we can see and experience a much deeper look. ARKit can help with education and act as a learning tool for history and art.

AR in Live Experiences

We could even experience virtual wars or reenactments of historical events. Our mobile development team can scan for a flat surface and project a virtual experience or perhaps even a game based on past events.

AR in Entertainment

ARKit has the potential to render animals and other critters into a virtual space. This could have leisurely applications similar to a “tamagotchi” experience, by taking care and interacting with an animal via phone actions.

AR in Automotive

While not specifically developed with ARKit, this video is something we’re most excited about. With scanning a specific object, we can enable a range of new virtual experiences. By inserting layers on top of the object, we can visualise different colours, inner mechanics, and even enable a host of modals and infographics.

The best thing about ARKit is it’s capability to scale a model to size, anchor it to a correct surface, maintain perspective, and apply proper lighting effects in real-time. This is now actually feasible for all developers, and something we anticipate many companies will jump upon.


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