Professional Web Development vs ‘Free Editors’

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There will always be a demand for professional web development but why?

Even with free website builders and theme generators like Wix and Squarespace, why should I hire a web developer when I can get a website up and running within a few hours?

Truth is, while these ‘free editors’ advertise high versatility and customisable features, you may find those same templates are rather dull and actually quite damaging to your brand identity. It’s more reassuring to put your digital identity to professionals who’ve committed hundreds of hours to learning the intricacies of online communication.

Truly Customisable Websites.

While most free editors allow you to change basic elements like fonts, colours, and content, most templates are built on a predictable and repetitive layout. Sure, it is customisable, but you’re forced to customise within a constraint. With professional web development, you can be sure every element of your website is built to your liking. We push beyond the boundaries of templates and create a truly unique experience for your website.

Extendable features.

While most free editors come with a message form, that’s mostly the only “complex” feature you’ll get. If your website requires user registration, a payment gateway, 24/7 live communication or subscription-only access, you’ll definitely want professional web developers helping you build these features. These dynamic features require custom development to ensure every feature is coded to be secure, efficient, and fully functional.

It’s For You.

Some Foursquare templates do look amazing. They’re very modern and clean. However, it’s probably not appropriate for your target audience. While these templates are great for musicians, artists, and photographers, they’re not great for restaurants, law firms, or anything with a business structure. It just doesn’t convey the right appearance, look or feel of an independent company. You need to consider what these templates are and what your target audience needs your website to be.

While free editors provide an easy entry to owning your web presence, professional web developers provide a long term solution for strengthening your brand and developing your web presence to be successful from the start.


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