7 Steps to Achieve Your Awesome App Idea

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For the modern entrepreneur, nothing is more frustrating than having an amazing idea for the next big smartphone app, but having no programming skills. Luckily, this issue has been solved through tailor-made development services that allow innovators to capitalise on their big ideas.

Trying to turn an idea into an app without a background in programming is a difficult task. However, countless entrepreneurs have succeeded with the help of a skilled and dedicated development team. This short guide will provide valuable insights that will guide you on this journey.

Without further delay, let’s jump into the 7 steps to achieve your awesome app idea. We encourage you to add your own twist, as making the process your own can help make these demanding projects more enjoyable.

Step 1: Prepose Your Core Business Values

If you have a small business that already has it’s values set in stone, feel free proceed to the next step. Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to give the values you’d like your business to have some serious thought. These values can range from wanting to promote a societal good to focusing on affording your future employees a great work environment. Regardless of what you may choose, it is important that you believe in these values and ensure that they reflect the long-term direction you’d like your company to take.

Step 2: Find The Right Business Model

Choosing the right business model for your application is imperative. Deciding whether you’d like to pursue the development of a paid application or a free application that will generate passive revenue via advertisements is a key component to this step. Overall, we suggest devising a business plan as you typically would, with the added consideration of how your application will be monetised via its chosen marketplace.

Step 3: Minimise Your Risk

Pursuing the development of a groundbreaking app can be highly risky. With this in mind, we strongly encourage entrepreneurs to minimise their risk throughout the development process. Pursuing a minimal viable product - or MVP for short - can be a great way to test the market’s reception of your idea without having to allocate substantial amounts of capital towards the cost of further application development.

Step 4: Understand Your Competitors

Even if your application is based on 100% original ideas, chances are that industry competitors will eventually develop. Whether they be copycat apps or those that offer similar benefits to users with unique features, it is important to understand the business models and app features utilised by your competition. Taking the time to develop this understanding ensures that your business can react quickly and aggressively when the marketplace presents an opportunity to outperform these companies.

Step 5: Discover Your Target Audience

While some applications offer mass appeal, most cater to a specific niche or sub-section of customers. Accurately defining your application’s target audience helps to ensure that both marketing and app development efforts are conducted in a way that effectively captures the attention of your chosen audience.

Step 6: Get Your App Funded

Whether it be from venture capitalists, angel investors, or your local bank, securing funding is a vital part of the development process. After all, if you don’t have the appropriate financial backing, it may be hard to effectively monetise your idea over the long term.

Step 7: Approach The Right App Developer

Needless to say, there are tons of developers out there. This can make the task of finding the right dev team feel overwhelming. We suggest that you contact as many developers as you feel necessary, as finding the right fit for your project will help to promote the best outcome possible.

This guide may seem to be the end all, be all for entrepreneurial application development. However, we suggest using these steps as a starting point. As mentioned before, making the development process your own can help to promote long-term success while also aiding in the promotion of synergy with your chosen app development team. In the end, it's your business opportunity, so do the best to make the most of it!


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