7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Logo Design

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A beautifully designed logo is not only important to big businesses, it’s fundamental to all; including start-ups and entrepreneurs. Giving your current, or future business a competitive edge is vitally important and this process starts with a competitive logo design. The way your business’s logo is designed is fundamental to effectively convey your brand identity. What makes a good logo design? An attractive, dynamic logo for multiple uses that conveys your brand identity; from a professional logo designer of course. Your logo is what potential customers see before they choose to purchase your product or service. Whatever sector your business operates in; whether it’s service, consumer goods, technology or health; engaging a professional logo designer has a range of benefits.

So, what are the reasons logo design is so important for your business? In this blog we’ll provide 7 reasons why professional logo design is so important for your business, and why your business should employ a professional logo designer.

Why is logo design important?

A logo is more than just an image or text; it conveys meaning and is a point of recognition for consumers. Have you ever instantly recognised a business’s logo even when a business name isn’t present? A logo is essential for marketing your business. It could be described as the face of a company and often, it’s the first thing that a potential customer will notice. The human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words which is why most businesses select visual branded logos. A well-designed logo from a professional logo designer is an easy way to show potential customers that your business is trustworthy, has a good reputation, provides a high quality of work and customers are satisfied with their calibre of work.

1. First impressions are important.

You only get one shot at a first impression! We’d be correct in assuming you want to make a really good first impression on a potential customer. First impressions matter; whether it’s in business or pleasure, making a positive, long lasting impression is imperative. When you meet someone for the first time, you want people to feel good about your initial encounter. You don’t want people to be left with a bad impression from their first experience with you, and the same goes for how people feel about your business. A poorly designed logo is like the shop front to what you offer in terms of goods and services. If it looks substandard or is poorly designed for multiple uses; is a consumer going to want to spend the money on your offerings? If a potential customer feels like you haven’t spent the time considering how they feel about the look of your logo design, will they choose your business over the sea of competition?

You need an eye catching logo design that pops! Your audience doesn’t have all day to decipher what your business is and what services you offer. Attention spans are short and consumers are easily swayed to the next business that’s presented in front of them. This is especially apparent if your branding doesn’t leave a good first impression.

2. A professional logo will convey your brand concept and identity.

What is your brand concept? How do you want potential customers to feel when they think of your brand? Brand identity is the visible elements of your brand including logo, design and colour. When creating a brand identity, you should consider what your business is, what you want your consumers to feel and how you communicate your product. Your brand’s elements consist of; the logo, colours, slogan, music and advertising style - which all convey meaning in consumers’ minds. The way these elements are conveyed in marketing material, your products or how they are communicated online are crucial to conveying your business’s unique identity.

If you’re unsure about how to translate your brand concept into a brand identity, or what that might look like, talking to a professional logo designer makes perfect sense for your business. After all, they are looking at it from a non emotional lens.

3. Memorable logos help marketing efforts.

Your business’s logo should be distinctive enough to be used across multiple platforms and for multiple purposes. An example of what makes a good logo design is the branded pen you gave out at last year’s networking event evoking the memory of your business to that potential client. When it’s time to purchase your goods or services, you want the logo to come to the potential client’s mind straight away. Let’s be honest, your audience is going to forget the name of your business, and who can blame them? We are exposed to so much advertising and marketing material, it’s human nature to screen out this overload of information. A professionally designed logo will trigger positive recall in the audience’s mind, regardless of what marketing material it’s displayed on. The logo should be as memorable whether it’s in black and white, across digital or print- it needs to be something you, as a business owner, feel proud of.

There’s a high level of complexity paired with creativity to create an effective, dynamic logo that encapsulates your business. An experienced, professional logo designer will consider much more than you, as the business owner, could possibly take into consideration.

4. Creativity kills competition.

There are several ways to get a professionally designed logo for your business. There are countless online tools available to create your own high quality content. The downside to these tools is that the templates available lack the creative flair gained by engaging a professional. Why not be different with your logo? Competition is fierce no matter what industry your business operates in; why would a potential client or customer choose you over your competitors? What’s your business’s unique point of difference compared to its competitors? It’s a big bad world out there for business owners; competition is fierce and creativity is highly valued among consumers. The digital era we live in opens up a whole world of inspiration and platforms for businesses to improve and market their business.

Regardless of what road you take for your logo design, make sure your logo is web optimised for digital content, it comes in multiple formats (high resolution, vector etc.), and you have full legal copyright protection. Our design team delivers all of these essential elements when creating clients’ brand and identity. A professionally designed logo is a safe option, it gives your business a point of differentiation and shows your customers that you’re not like your competitors; you’re better.

5. Logos attract target markets.

Logo design should reflect the look and feel of your business and its offerings. Not only does logo design need to consider the business, but also what the target market wants and looks for in a logo. This process involves looking at your logo through the eyes of your audience, rather than thinking about what you, the business owner is looking for. Different colours, styles, shapes and typography all communicate meaning differently in different buyer personas, and some of these elements are very industry specific. Colour has an influence on our subconscious; an estimated whopping 90% of an opinion formed about a product or company is made solely because of colour. The key takeaway here is that colours you like for your logo, or you want to use in your communications, are pretty important and require a lot of research and attention.

A professional logo designer has the skills to ensure that whatever they produce is not only what the client wants, but more importantly, what the audience will gravitate towards.

6. Consistency fosters trust.

Brand consistency is essential and involves showing consumers your logo in the same way, with the same colours repeated throughout your visual brand elements.
We’re in an era where your business’s logo is shown on various mediums, including websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, leaflets, EDMS, marketing collateral, business cards, on-car advertising etc. Consistency breeds predictability and dependability. Branding needs to be consistent to ensure your logo is communicated the same across all platforms.
Consistent branding and marketing builds brand awareness which allows potential customers to recognise your brand in a buying situation. Consistent logo use alongside consistent messaging leads to a consistent brand identity and, in turn, consistent sales for your business.

Consistency of your brand message creates trust. A professional logo design gives you the peace of mind knowing that your logo will be created in a way where it can be effectively communicated across any platform, for any use.

7. Proves your professionalism.

There are virtually no professional businesses without a logo and in this day and age, potential customers have extremely high expectations. An aesthetic logo, created with the target market in mind, is the hallmark of professionalism. We, as consumers, have come to expect that any business we come into contact with will have a professional appearance to their logo. If your business offers a great service, an incredible product offering or the best user experience, your professionally designed logo should mirror this. And if your logo does not reflect your incredible offerings, as blunt as it is, be prepared to lose potential customers. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience.

Your logo design will communicate your professionalism and build trust in your audience’s mind. Would you lend your money to someone you didn’t know? Probably not, because they haven’t built trust or rapport with you. In business, the exact same concept applies. Build rapport, create professional content you’re proud of and tell the world why you’re the best at what you do. Just make sure your content is branded (with a logo designed by a professional).

The bottom line.

Without a professionally designed logo, you, the business owner will forfeit potential customers and therefore sales. For a start-up or an entrepreneur, the only way to swim, not sink, is to build a customer base. For an existing business, the key to growth is attracting new customers. Whatever phase of growth your business is in, the only way to compete against the barrage of competition is to have a competitive edge. Professional logo design along with a successful brand strategy will give your business the opportunity to be remembered, when it counts, by your potential customers. Professional logo design is an investment no business owner will regret.

If you’re in the initial stages of brand development or need logo design, book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how our design team can help your business with branding and identity.

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