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Becoming mobile has never been so important.

For the majority of people, your mobile is the one thing you carry with you everywhere, some may even go as far as saying they feel an emptiness without it.

Everyday we rely more and more on mobile apps for simple things like writing notes, capturing images and even paying for goods over the counter. It's easy to see why we can’t put the phone down.

According to Deloitte 2015 Mobile Consumer Survey, Australians are app savvy and tend to be early adopters of new technology and online commerce trends.

“Australians look at their smartphones more than 30 times a day on average. This constant appetite for checking-in, messaging with friends, reading the news and the growing fear of missing out, means Australians are an even more connected nation than before”
“As a nation of multitaskers, Australians are quick to reach for their smartphone turning what was once ‘downtime’ into ‘browse time.”
The influence of mobile technology is hard to ignore, look at Verizon’s recent purchase of Yahoo for $4.83 billion. Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam said “By acquiring Yahoo, we are scaling up to be a major competitor in mobile media”. Verizon sees the same amount of traffic on its networks in an hour now as it did in a week a decade

So why are aren't all businesses rushing to get into the mobile market? The main reason is money.

Good news for all businesses, the price of developing mobile apps is becoming more affordable as technology and knowledge increases in the market space. Just as web development was in the early 90’s, mobile apps may soon become a necessity for businesses and as demand increases, supply usually follows.

The future of mobile is looking bright.


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