7 Reasons To Get Your Web Design Right

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The design of your website is the first interaction a potential customer will have with you. This interaction could be the difference between engaging in a relationship, or never coming back again. Web design is not something that can be done on a whim and without thought. If you want to ensure that your website has the best chance at success, then it's important to get your web design right from the outset! In this blog post we are going to discuss 7 reasons why getting your web design on point is so important for any business.

1. Your website is your first impression

First impressions count, and that is no different for online. Your website is your first impression, and you want to make sure that it's a good one. The more professional the site looks in general, the better you will appear as an organisation. It doesn't take long for people to realise if they have been duped by a shoddy web design and once this has happened, there is no going back!

2. A well-designed site will help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPS)

Search rankings are important to be found online. A well-designed site will help you rank higher in SERPS and this will lead to more people connecting with your business. The whole purpose of a website is for it to be found by the right target audience, so having an effective web design that can achieve this goal is vital. As a result, having a professional web design can be the difference between you and your competition.

3. Good design can improve usability and customer conversion rates

Usability and conversion rates are important metrics for any website. A good web design will not only make a site easy to use, but it can also help increase conversion rates. It is important that when designing a site, the user experience and ease of navigation are at the forefront of your mind so you consider how people interact with your business online. Of course, your web design should provide a good user experience for the user. User Experience (or UX) is all about how people feel when they visit and interact with your website or app. A poor UX can lead to high bounce rates, which in turn will affect your business negatively – if you want more traffic that leads to higher conversion rates, invest in professional web design.

4. An appealing site will make it easier to sell products or services online

Selling products and services with an attractive web design is far easier than when you use an unappealing site. Expertise in the field of marketing and e-commerce will help guide your web design decisions while understanding what needs to be included on your website for customer conversion rates, usability, and ease of navigation are all key factors that must not be overlooked.An appealing site can make it much easier to sell products or services online. Designing sites with these goals in mind will save time and money by increasing productivity among other things. You want it easy for people to find what they're looking for because if there's too many steps involved then customers may just go elsewhere.

5. Mobile friendly design can convert users easily

A mobile-friendly design is a vital component of any web page, as more and more people use phones to surf the internet rather than desktops or laptops. This means they have less space in which to explore your site’s content. In 2017, Google released their new algorithm called “Mobilegeddon”. Mobilegeddon is used to help people find better web pages for mobile devices and search results pages are now more important than ever with this update by Google. A website should be designed responsively so that it can be viewed on a variety of devices without compromising usability. If you want customers to convert easily, make sure their experience with your company will be easy from start to finish—even when looking at your site from a phone screen size.

6. A professional web design increases trust among visitors, which leads to more sales

Trust is important in many industries, think e-commerce, for example. Visitors need to feel confident in the quality and security of your site before they will commit their money to a purchase. A professionally designed website is an important factor in establishing trust among visitors, which leads to more sales. Professional web design will make visitors feel secure in leaving their contact information or credit card data when they are ready to purchase.

7. You can flex your creativity

And what business doesn't want to do that? Tap into the future decision makers of the business and consider generation Y and Z. Give them something memorable and to keep clicking back on.

A professional web design is also important for the overall health of your business. We’ve now covered 7 reasons why getting your web design right from the outset is important for any business. If you need professional help with designing a website, or have questions about how to get started in this process, book a free 30 minute consult and one of our team members will be happy to walk you through all of the steps involved.


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