5 Signs of an Outdated Website!

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In a world of near instant search and discovery, people are constantly searching for information on the spur of the moment. With such fast interactions, a good website can do wonders for your business.

We judge a website’s credibility by how it’s designed but other factors such as content, speed, and accessibility will ultimately determine a user's overall experience.

These other factors are commonly overlooked by owners and web developers, so unless you have recently made your website in the last year, you may need to review a few things to ensure your website is up to today’s standard.

Here are 5 things to look for when reviewing your website:

  1. Is your website mobile responsive?

    We are constantly on the move. With smartphones and tablets use on the rise, people no longer need a computer to search and discover. Websites that are not mobile responsive will rank lower in search engines making it is absolutely mandatory to have responsive design.

  2. Does your website take forever to load?

    If your website is taking over 3 seconds to load, then you have already lost 40% percent of your visitors, according to KISSMetrics. A slow website is not only annoying for your customers but could also play a negative part in your search ranking. Having a fast loading website will ensure your customers are navigating through your website with ease, giving them the best possibility to find what they are searching for.

  3. Does your website use flash?

    If your website is built using Flash, then that’s a big indication that your website needs an update. Flash was a popular choice years ago but because it was resource-demanding and very un-optimised for mobile phones, Flash failed to keep up with the fast evolving state of mobile browsing and as a result, Flash is now unsupported and obsolete by today’s standard.

    Don’t want to give up your cool looking animations? Don’t worry, HTML5 is the answer to Flash. It carries all the traits of Flash but is compatible with all modern web browsers and is compliant with today’s internet browsing standard.

  4. Are you calling your web developers to make simple updates?

    If you need to call your web developer every time you want a simple change, then you are in desperate need of a Content Management System (CMS). CMS systems are easy to use, making updating content as simple as posting on Facebook.

    Having updated content will do wonders for search ranking and let's not forget giving your loyal customers more reasons to visit.

  5. How does your website look?

    We all know that web design trends change frequently. Web design today is all about clean and easy navigation to accommodate the rise in mobile usage. Keeping current with design will ultimately create trust between you and your customers. Take the necessary steps to organise your content and layout to give your audience the best possible experience.

Websites should be the one place to discover exactly who and what your business is. Your users will form their first impression of you with your website and to facilitate a memorable experience, your website should offer the key information about your business. With a little time and effort, your website could be the wisest investment your business makes.

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