10 Steps to Discover How Our Web Application Development Process Works

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If you are in search of a trusted company to provide the needed and most essential web applications for your website, we, at PixelForce is a trusted one in this matter.

Application Design

The design phase is an obligation and cost free phase that usually takes 3 - 4 hours spread over a few meetings, emails and phone calls.

1. Concept overview and discussion / ideation:

Our first meetings are all about your company, your vision and your brand. We listen and we learn about your objectives. We may offer a few suggestions for things to consider at this stage.

2. A few simple questions such as:
  • What type of users will be using the software application?
  • What is their user profile and will they have any special needs?
  • What are the primary business functions the software application must perform?
  • Will PixelForce be doing the wire-framing and writing the specification document for the application?
  • Which platform will the application be deployed on (operating system, hardware etc)?
  • When do you require the application to be ready for testing in the deployment environment?
  • When should deployment occur?
3. Requirements analysis:

We document how the application should work in terms of your requirements and how the user experience should be.

4. First estimate:

Once we have all necessary information we provide an estimate for the next two phases of the project based on your requirements.

A development contract is also offered to commence the project. Once the contract is signed the next phase begins.

Application Specification

The specification phase is held in constant consultation with your company and can take from a week to a month depending on the complexity of the project.

5. Detailed Wireframes of the application:

PixelForce will consult with your stakeholders to wireframe your application in two steps. Basic hand sketches of the application screen by screen. And once we agree on this... Detailed Wireframes of the entire application with real branding and artwork.

6. Specification document:

A specification document is created as a roadmap for our developers to build your application. Wireframe annotations and changes of page state. Notes on user interaction and error conditions. Minimum system requirements - hardware and software. Data structures.

7. Development estimate:

Once the specification document has been finalised we provide costings for the final development and code implementation. If no major functionality changed during the specification phase then this estimate should be the same as the first estimate.

Application Development

The development phase is where we build your software application based on the agreed specifications and a timeline is supplied with the development estimate.

8. Integration into project management system & milestones:

We set up and train everyone involved on a very simple yet effective project management system. We set up milestones so you know exactly when you can expect hands on demos of the application to test.

9. Project Development:

PixelForce gets busy and begins developing your application. We provide reviews at the major milestones to show your company how the development is proceeding.

10. Testing and refinement:

All along the way we are testing and letting you test on your chosen environment. NOTHING helps make an application best-in-class like continuous, hands-on testing and refinement.


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