Why Do We Choose Ruby on Rails?

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The PixelForce team are highly experienced with designing and programming websites.

Each person has a specialised skill and many people can contribute to a single project. As you could imagine, when numerous people write their own code and attempt to add it to a project, it can get a bit messy. That’s why we use Ruby on Rails as our primary framework when we build complex websites and web applications.

Speed through Web Development.

Frameworks are a great way to simplify and speed the production process. Frameworks are beneficial because they provide a tried and tested, standardised way of doing things. With Ruby on Rails, Rails is the framework, built on Ruby, the programming language. Just like how some use the frameworks Foundation or Bootstrap for their CSS, we use the Rails framework to speed through the coding process.

Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Ruby on Rails uses the Model View Controller structure (MVC), which basically separates the pure aesthetic files from the data and functionality files. By separating files that instruct how websites look and how websites function, many people can safely work on the same project without interfering with other people’s code. This way, our programmers can just code complex functions while our designers worry about colour and button placement.

Ease of Workflow.

The Rails folder structure tends to stay the same between projects. By following the Rails conventions, designers and developers can easily navigate the standardised folder structure and locate their work files with little effort. Rails can even recognise required files and automatically search specific folders for it. Writing code for an image file? It automatically defaults to the image folder so you don’t need to type in the path.

Ruby on Rails is a great tool for streamlining the production process and allowing our team to work together. With a huge supported community dedicated to supporting and maintaining Ruby on Rails, there's a reason why it's one of the most popular web frameworks for people like us.


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