Tech Trends for 2023

Every year technology continues to evolve rapidly and in some cases, unpredictably, as we adapt to trends that emerge and new technologies at our disposal. As 2022 comes to a close with some big tech announcements, 2023 edges closer with a new trend forecast set to take over. So, what does it mean for those in the tech industry?

Staying abreast of these trends and evolving with them, continuing to expand our repertoire of knowledge and work with these new technologies to better service our clients and bolster their success, is so important. While the following list of tech trends are not necessarily new, they are expected to grow in demand, interest and usage across the next 12 months.

Smarter Devices

You would be hard pressed to find a person in the year 2023 who doesn’t own a smart device and understand their basic benefit and function to our lives. It comes as no surprise that these devices aren’t going anywhere in the new year, yet growing smarter and more efficient at making our lives easier.

With the rapid evolution of devices in our homes and pockets, it’s without saying that every successful brand needs a suite of intelligent tech behind it to take on some of the heavy lifting and transition into a digital space. It is expected we will see a spike in digital application rollouts and updates to further drive our relationship with these smart devices we all walk around with in our pockets next year.

As one of Australia’s leading application developers, PixelForce is constantly ahead of the curve with these changes and consistently evolves with the trends we see.

Extended Reality

You’ve heard of virtual reality, but have you ever heard of extended reality? One of the 2023 frontrunners for trends in tech, extended reality comprises all the technologies that are everything but reality, including virtual reality and augmented reality.

Off the back of difficult years with COVID lockdowns, people are seeking to breakaway from the restrictions of reality and exploring the possibilities of extended reality technologies. Extended reality is currently popular among the gaming community, but is also prevalent in industries including the medical field.

There has also been a rise in in-app extended reality experiences as brands look to draw on this rising trend to stay connected with the demands and desires of their consumers and audiences.


We’d be lying if we said data didn’t rule everything around us. In fact, it informs a lot of the moves we make and is predicted to continue its trajectory of importance into the new year. Datafication is exactly as it sounds, the transformation of everyday information into applications or devices that are driven by data. Although visual design elements are extremely important when creating any kind of digital software or application, it’s the data that informs our structure and exact functionality of the product, guiding the process of production to increase overall functionality for the user. The bottom line? Data isn’t going anywhere!


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