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2017 was a big year. PixelForce is consistently recognised for our digital websites and apps and contribution to South Australia as employers of digital talent. As a platinum member of Brand SA, we were invited as a candidate of the 2017 Fast Movers SA Awards program. With years of hard work and consistency in turning everyday ideas into great digital products, we were officially recognised by Brand SA as one of South Australia’s fastest growing and most innovative businesses.
The morning breakfast was a great opportunity to mingle with South Australian businesses, both small and bug, and recognise each other’s success. This event was a great opportunity for our team to get away from the office and reflect on the hard work and success which brought us here. Being recognised and placed overall 6th amongst 25 strong growing businesses means a lot for PixelForce having started from just two people!
The Fast Movers SA program recognises South Australia’s fastest growing and most innovative small to medium enterprises in South Australia. To qualify every business must have a registered head office in SA and achieve a minimum turnover of $200,000 a year for the past three years, among other criteria.
Being recognised as one of SA’s fasting growing business is a great position to be in and we’ll use our previous experience to work hard and grow our business even further.


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