We love working in an industry that gives entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to grow and develop new technologies to help them succeed. This is what drives us.

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How we work together as a team

As part of the PixelForce journey, we’ll work collaboratively together throughout our five-stage process of building a successful app and business.

Embarking on a grand venture with technology is an exciting experience. Where you’ll be working closely with our very talented specialists in their respective fields, from strategy, design, development, data science and growth.

We build each project to be a true reflection of your business objectives. The tech solution is easy. The business solution is where the true intelligence lies.

No matter if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or a well-established corporation, our proven process is the same.

Pixel Force 5 Step Process
Stage 1

Discovery & Strategy

Our journey begins with Product Discovery and Strategy, where we workshop with you to define the scope of work and understand together the business requirements and project constraints in detail.

In our Product Discovery Workshops, we cover topics of business insights, requirements, design and roadmap to understand and define the fundamental pillars of a successful technology business.

It’s not just about receiving business and product requirements, but also an opportunity for all parties to learn from each other's expertise. Members of the Creative Team are in attendance to provide varying perspectives and insights for full coverage of any business requirements or project concerns.

  1. Business Insights & Goals
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Unique Selling Proposition
  4. Market Research Opportunity
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Product Discovery
  7. Product Requirements
  8. Conceptualisation
Stage 2

Product Design

If you’re a visual person, you’ll definitely enjoy our Design Stage. This is where the business requirements gathered from our Discovery & Strategy stage transform into something beautiful and memorable.

We’ll propose a design direction and you’ll workshop with our very talented team on creating an engaging look and feel to reflect your brand. Our review process involves a number of design workshops where we walk you through our Visual Prototype to capture your feedback. This is an opportunity to improve, reflect and tweak the design language.

By the end of our workshops, you’ll receive a Visual Prototype where the entire website experience is designed and linked together to illustrate the user journey from A-Z. It’s a very clickable and fun experience.

  1. Wireframing
  2. Website Design
  3. UX/UI Design
  4. UX Focus Group
  5. Interactive Visual Prototype
  6. Interaction Design
  7. Product Solution Design
Stage 3

Development & Testing

Once the Visual Prototype is approved, we then formally handover the project from the Creative Team to the Engineering Team. This stage is the unification of many developers, all working together to deliver a great product.

As part of our Development Stage, all developers work together with QA engineers to produce quality test cases focusing on performance, algorithm efficiency, concurrency issues, and implementation solutions.

Our QA milestone focuses on functional testing where a checklist of every functional interaction is documented, what user statuses could be applied, what the intended / correct response is, and finally, the observed response. The job of the QA Engineer isn’t just to find bugs, but rather loopholes of the system not yet considered.

An exciting stage for you is when you get to experience the app yourself in a BETA version. You will be given access to the “staging environment” - to familiarise yourself with before we officially go live. This beta will fulfil the business requirements defined from our Strategy Stage and a true reflection of the Visual Prototype.

  1. Website Development
  2. Web Application
  3. Mobile Application (iOS & Android)
  4. API Development & Integrations
  5. Visual & Functional QA
  6. Unit & Integration Testing
  7. Staging Infrastructure
  8. Beta Release
Stage 4

Launch & Realisation

This is the ultimate culmination of our journey together and is the combined results of many hard months of work. This isn’t the end of our journey. If anything, this is the first key milestone: where the project is launched for real time users to indulge.

In any business venture, learning how and when to pivot is key to vertically scaling your business. You’ll most likely get lots of user feedback and suggestions after your initial launch, which can be an opportunity to further enhance v1 by implementing new features. But to get real-time insights into how your users are behaving could be a critical driver in understanding how your app is performing. This is where we can unpack with you the the Metrics that Matter for your business, with BTA (Beyond The App).

The art of data science involves analysing trends and insights to find weaknesses and opportunities. It can also help you understand which levers to pull and when, to increase lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs. BTA exists to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace, with Data Driven Decision Making.

Our talented data science team are there to guide you through any strategic product development decisions, by turning them into data-driven decisions, from data-informed insights.

  1. Production Deployment
  2. App Submissions
  3. Business & Product Validation
  4. Data, Analytics & Insights
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Infrastructure Monitoring
  7. AWS Cloud Services
  8. A/B Testing
Stage 5

Product & Business Growth

Your product beyond launch is a very critical time for both you and your users. For any successful technology product, it will require continual opportunities that allow you to pivot, tweak and scale as your business and industry demands. Similarly, when unpacking the behaviour of your users through data science metrics and general feedback, you might find your next steps are drastically impacted in ways you may not have even considered. This is where a long term commitment, such as a product retainer, would be the best way forward.

By engaging us to work on the development of your product long-term, you will have the opportunity to tap into our extensive startup-to-scaleup expertise, aligning the growth of your product to what your business and industry needs. Having PixelForce in your corner as your technology partner will only help you make positive waves in your industry.

  1. Business & Strategy Meetings
  2. Strategic Roadmapping & Planning
  3. Part Time Product Development Retainers
  4. Full Time Product Development Retainers
  5. Data Science Retainers

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